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Hough End 2018Here we go again, the start of another year, 2018 can you believe its 18 years since the millennium! Is it me or is time going faster when I need it to go slower?

People often ask “What’s it like being in the Bachelors?” Well in many ways it’s like being in any other job. By that I mean as we get older we either retire or work less. In our case as much as we still enjoy performing, the travelling, the late nights or getting home in the early hours have become less attractive - apart from that family time, as you can imagine, has become more precious.

All I am really saying is we will still be performing, just not as much.

If you live in the Manchester area you might like to know we will be appearing at Saint Patrick's in Rochdale with our old pal DUSTY YOUNG on Saturday the 10th of March. Also at last we have sorted out a date for our return to The Manchester Police Club. This is a great venue and joining us on the bill will be VENN TRACEY and CARNABY STREET. The show is promoted by our pal Nathan Birk and takes place on the 11th of May.

For those of you in the Nottingham area I had a call from Jell Kemp from The David Whitfield Society. He has sorted out a date for us to return to The Bonington Theatre in Arnold which will be the 5th of October at 7.30pm. More details to follow.

Apart from that we will still be cruising, popping up at Warner’s and various theatres all of which do their own advertising.

cd-picThis is our latest album and most of what we want to say is written on the cover. However, we would just like to add a thank you to all the great musicians who played on these tracks, especially Lol Harris who not only played keyboards but produced a lot of these recordings at Lollipop Studios Manchester. Sadly, some, like Kevin are no longer with us, but their talent always will be. Lastly I would like to thank my talented granddaughter Megan Clarke for designing the cover.

If anyone would like to purchase a copy just contact our secretary Margaret McCormick. The price is £10 including postage. or write to 1 Repton Avenue, New Moston, Manchester, M403PN

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